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A Room Gear

Our A room is designed for discerning engineer and producer. With a collection of some of the most sought after vintage and modern outboard gear available. Our main control room has the tools you need to complete your next single, ep or album with the utmost in quality.


Call for rates and availability


Bowers & Wilkins Nautilus 801’s

Barefoot Audio MM27’s V2

Focal Sub6

Yamaha NS10m

Bryston 4BST (for B&W’s)

Bryston 4BST (for NS10m’s)

Dangerous Monitor ST

Audio Technica ATH-50x Headphones (8 pairs)

Audio Technica ATH-50m Headphones (4 pairs)

Sony 7506 Headphones (4 pairs)

Bowers & Wilkins P5 Series 2 Headphones (1 pair)

Hear Technologies Hear Back system with 8 pods (for headphones)


Slate Raven MTi

Dual 6 core Mac Pro w/ 64gb ram

Avid Pro Tools HD12

Avid HDX single card system

Universal Audio UAD2 Octo DSP card

Universal Audio UAD2 Quad DSP card

3 Avid 16×16 HD converter

Avid 8x8x8 HD converter

Antelope Audio Pure2 mastering grade converter and clock

Motu Midi Express XT

Mara Machines MCI JH24 2″ 24 track

Endless Analog Clasp 8 system

Electronic Music Creation

Native Instruments Maschine Studio with all available Maschine sample packs

Ableton Push 2 with Ableton Live Suite

Microphone Preamps, Channel Strips, and DI's

Neve 1073LB (4 Channels)

Chandler Limited Germanium MKII

Chandler Limited EMI (2 channel)

Millennia HV-37 (4 channel)

Rupert Neve Designs Portico 5024 (4 channel)

API 3124+ (4 channel)

API 312 500 series (4 Channels)

Focusrite ISA 828 (8 channel)

Focusrite Red One (2 channel)

Avalon U5 (bass Di)

Retro Instruments Powerstrip (tube based British channel)

DW Fearn VT-2 vacuum tube pre amp (2 channel)

Millenia HV-3D (4 channel)

AEA TRP ribbon preamp (2 channel)

Pendulum MPD-1 Vacuum tube pre amp (2 channel)

Pendulum SPS-1 stereo acoustic preamp

Demeter tube preamp (2 channel)

2 DW Fearn PDB passive Di

Sigma sound studios Di

Radial ProDi

DW Fern Di

Hardware Compression

Looptrotter Monster (2 channel VCA compressor/Limiter/tub sat)

Looptrotter Emperor (2 channel VCA compressor)

Collins Type 26C (tube compressor)

Foote Control Systems P3S ME (class A mastering compressor)

ADL C/L 1500 (2 channel tube/opto compressor/limiter)

RETRO Sta Level (tube compressor/limiter)

Tube Tech LCA 2B (2 channel Tube VCA compressor/limiter)

Tube Tech CL1B (tube/optical single channel compressor/limiter)

Universal Audio 1176LN (single channel FET compressor/limiter)

Universal Audio La2a (single channel Optical compressor/limiter)

2 Lindell Audio 7X-500 (1176 style compressor)

SSL 611DYN (single channel compressor/limitor/expander/gate)

Chandler Little Devil (single channel FET compressor)

Inward Connections The Brute (single channel Optical Limiter)

Standard Audio Level-Or (single channel JFET limiter/distortion processor)

Retro Instruments Powerstrip British style mono tube compressor

Pendulum PL-2 (Limiter

Chandler Limited Abbey Road Zener

Pendulum Audio DS500 (Opto De-Esser)

Urie BL-40 Modulimiter

2 Empirical Labs Distressors

Anamod 670

Manley Nu Mu (on it’s way)

MSL tx (SSL style buss compressor)

Empirical labs Fatso

Thermionic Culture Vulture Mastering Plus

Alan Smart C2 (SSL style buss compressor)

Hardware Equalization

BetterMaker EQ 232P (2 channel, Plug in controlled pure analog mastering eq)

Manley Massive Passive ME (2 channel mastering eq)

Tube Tech PE 1C (single channel Pultec tube eq)

Rubber Bands RB-500 (2 channel Pultec style eq)

Neve 1073LBEQ (single channel eq)

API 560 (10 band single channel eq)

2 MAAG EQ4 (eq with air band)

2 SSL 611EQ (single channel eq)

2 API 550A (3 band single channel eq)

2 Kush Audio Electra (single channel eq)

Little Labs VOG (single channel bass resonance tool)

Retro Instruments Powerstrip mono tube pultec

Chandler Limited Abbey Road Curve Bender

Kush Audio Clarifonic

GML 8200

Black Lion Audio AM/CHA1 (stereo inductor eq)

Chandler Limited Germanium Eq

Empirical Labs Lil Freq

Neve 8803 dual channel Eq

Great River 2 channel Eq

Hardware Specialty FX

Moog The Ladder (sweepable filter)

Meris Ottbit (analog bit reducer, sound destroyer)

Niio Track Thickener

Moog Analog Delay

Vermona DSR-3 Dual Spring Reverb

Roland RE-301 (tape delay with chorus)

Digidesign Eleven Rack

Tech 21 Sans Amp RBi (bass pre amp/distortion processor)

Kemper Profiler Rack

Fractal Axe-Fx II XL+

TC-Helicon Voicelive 3

Boss RC 505 looper


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