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Microphone Inventory

The right Microphone is one of the most important choices you can make when setting up to record a live voice or instrument. It’s basically the computers ears. Picking the right microphone can help lessen how much outboard processing is needed and even cut down on the time it takes to mix your song, saving you money. We have tried to put together one of the most diverse microphone collections available in the area for you to be able to make that choice.


Call for rates and availability

Large Diaphragm

Wunder Audio CM7 GTS (u47 style tube microphone)

Flea U48 (Tube)

Telefunken ELA M 251e x1 (Tube)

RTF CM7151 Bottle x1 w M7/M8/M9 capsules (Tube)

Blue Bottle mic with all available Capsules x1 (Tube)

AKG C414 w C12 brass capsule x2 (Vintage)

AKG C-33-e x1 (Stereo) (Vintage)

Sony C37P x2 (Stereo matched pair) (Vintage 1960s)

Neumann U87 x2 (Stereo matched pair) (Vintage)

Neumann U67 x1 (Tube)

Neumann U47 FET x1

Neumann TLM 107 x1

Neumann Gefell UM57 with M7 capsule x1 (Vintage) (Tube)

Gefell M930 x2 (Stereo matched pair)

Gefell UMT800 x1

Gefell UM-900 x1 (Tube)

Oktava MKL Ball x1 (Alexei Chaidze) (2007) (Tube)

Cathedral Guitars OA -1 C12 x1 (Oliver Archut Designed)(Brass Ring CK12 capsule optimized by Klaus Heyne)

Sony C800g (tube microphone)

Manley Reference Cardioid (U47 style tube microphone)

2 AKG C12vr (Tube microphones)

Korby Audio KAT red (c12 style)

Soudelux U95 (tube microphone)

Brauner Phantom Classic Fet

Neumann U 87 Ai

Neumann U 89i

Neumann TLM49

2 Neumann TLM102

Neumann TLM103

Peluso 22 251 (tube microphone)

AKG C414 XLS (stereo matched pair)

AKG C414 XLII (stereo matched pair)

Audio Technica 4047

Rode Classic II (tube microphone)

Small Diaphragm

Mohave Audio MA-101SP stereo pair

Little Blondie SA Little Blondie 2010 stereo pair hand made wood

Telefunken M60 fet condenser stereo set with omni, cardioid-hyper cardioid capsules

Earthworks QTC40 (stereo matched pair)

Telefunken ELA M 260 (tube series Tri Mono Recording set)

Telefunken TC600

2 Siemens Schoeps CMT 124 (1960’s)

2 Shure SM-81’s

2 Neumann KM-184 (stereo pair)

Neumann M582 x1 (Tube) (1962)

Neumann KM84 x1 (Vintage)

Gefell M300 x2 (Stereo matched pair)

Avenson Audio STO-2 x2 (Stereo matched pair)



AEA R88 (stereo ribbon)

AEA N22 Nuvo (stereo pair)

RCA 77-D (1948)

Shure KSM313/NE X2

2 Royer R101 (stereo pair)

2 Cascade Fat head (stereo pair)

Reslo RBH

3 Reslo RV

Coles 4038 x2 (Stereo matched pair)

Coles 4050 (Stereo matched pair)

Samar VL37A x1 (Active)

Stager SR-1a x1

Stager SR-2N x2


Gefell RFT DM622 (1989) x1

Gefell RFT DM622 (1988) x1

Grundig / Sennheiser GDSM 200 x2 (Stereo)

Grundig / Sennheiser GDSM 202 x1 (Stereo) (1960’s)

AKG D12E x1(1970)

Shure Sm58 x8

Shure Sm57 x8

Shure 55SH

4 Sennheiser MD 421

3 Sennheiser MD 441u

Sennheiser MD 409 n

AKG D12 VR (kick drum microphone)

Telefunken M82 (kick drum mic)

2 Electro Voice RE20

Electro Voice RE320

Placid Audio Copperphone

Sennheiser e602-II (bass microphone)

Yamaha Sub Kick

2 Shure SM7B

4 East German Funkberaters

2 Uher m534 vintage

2 Beyerdynamic vintage m818s


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